A Day for Fathers, a Thought for Sons

As I think about my Dad this Father’s Day, it strikes me what an influence he’s been on my life. I resemble him physically, with my expressions, the way I speak and act. Most of the life lessons that formed me into the man I am today came from him, lessons about self-control, godliness, chivalry, respect, love, patience, diligence and discernment. I can’t thank him enough for all of the time and energy that he poured into my life in order to train up in the way I should go, just as God commanded. I love you, Dad!
But even though I miss my father more than usual today, the thought I want to leave you with is about me and you, the sons and daughters. Because being a good father isn’t something that magically happens when your baby is born. In fact, the choices that you make today are either building or undermining your ability to be a good parent someday. Are you growing into a man who will raise children up in the ways of the Lord or are you filling your heart with the things of this world? Are you becoming the kind of guy who gives of himself selflessly without thinking twice, or are you living for yourself? Are you cultivating real love in your heart for everyone around you or are you only interested in others for what they can do for you? This Father’s Day, I want to set my eyes on the goal: becoming a godly man, just like my own father, so that someday I can love my wife and children the way a real man should: sacrificially and unconditionally, every day of my life. Because if there’s one thing my father taught me, it’s that being a good dad is all about love. Thank you, Dad, for filling me with your love, and consider, all of you sons (and daughters) out there, how you can cultivate the same love of the Father in your own lives. Because Father’s Day isn’t just a celebration of the fathers of today, it’s a challenge to the fathers of tomorrow. What kind of father will you be?


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