May: Getting Back On Track

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, so I thought I would start with a quick update and some of the changes and upcoming projects in my life this summer (and beyond)…
First of all, I’ll be going up to Lake Ann Camp on the 31st to work in the kitchen for the summer! I’m really excited to go and I can’t wait to meet all of the fun people I’ll be working with.
Secondly, after I go to camp I’ll be embarking on an even more exciting adventure: college! I’ve been accepted for admission to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and I’ll be leaving on August 18th to start my first year there.
As far as writing goes, I’ve decided to set aside “A Day in the Live(s) of Whitaker Riley” for a while and return to the story I really love: “Legend of the Dreamseers”! Expect some new story excerpts and such to follow soon…
And finally, I’ll be making an effort to post more regularly in the coming weeks in order to avoid another month of silence like this one. I’ve been learning a lot, growing a lot, and I’ll be writing a lot more soon, so there’s plenty to say. Hope you enjoy the posts, the story, and your own adventures over the summer!
Writing for His glory,
Tim Newton


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