“Expelled” – A Wake Up Call

As the film begins, we see black and white images of men standing over a map, planning.  The plan: build a wall through the center of Berlin.  They send out teams to lay the foundations, set up barbed wire, and soon the blockade is complete, separating east from west.  Guards patrol all along the wall, making sure that people (and ideas) from the west stay on their side, where they belong.  So begins “Expelled”, a documentary about the destruction of freedom of thought in the realm of science.  Throughout the movie, host Ben Stein reveals the wall that stands in the scientific world, keeping all ideas that have any hint of intelligent design (and the people who teach them) on the outside.  They are, in essence, expelled from the realm of acceptable science.  They aren’t teaching any specific religion.  They aren’t even necessarily teaching Creationism.  They simply want to explore a possibility, which is what science is all about.  But since that possibility suggests that there might be a higher power that designed the universe, it is unacceptable.  “Expelled” presents a fair, intelligent, well-crafted look at the academic bias against intelligent design.  It is interesting, entertaining, refreshing – but it is also a wake up call.  How many Americans know about this blatant stifling of freedom?  How many people have only heard one side of the argument?  And if they were told what is really going on, how many would do something about it?  Ben Stein has done something about it, by bringing it to the attention of the people.  I would recommend “Expelled” to everyone who believes that God is real, and that He deserves to be acknowledged by those who make a living studying the world He created.


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