Life Means So Much

It’s Sanctity of Life Sunday, so I thought I’d share a line from a favorite song of mine, “Life Means So Much” by Chris Rice:

Has anybody lived who knew the value of a life?

And don’t you think giving His own has proved the worth of yours and mine?

Chris said at a concert that the only proof of something’s value is how much someone is willing to pay for it.  Today, as I think about the millions upon millions of young lives lost to abortion, it struck me how God feels about the murder of the precious children that He has given His own life for.  But it also makes me think about how the sanctity of life is a principle that doesn’t just apply to babies.  What about the mothers, lives torn apart by guilt and despair?  What about the lives that that baby could have grown to touch? God paid the ultimate price for them, too, and for you, and for me.  He payed for President Obama and for the homeless man on the street.  Each one of us is incredibly precious to him.  Our lives are sacred.  The chorus to “Life Means So Much” goes like this:

Teach us to count the days

Teach us to make the days count

Lead us in a better way

‘Cause somehow our souls forgot

Life means so much

As I thought about the sickness and the rage that we feel at the destruction of life, I asked myself: “How much of your life have you squandered?  How many of your days have counted for nothing?”  Life means so much, all of it.  As Chris said,

Every day is a gift you’ve been given.  Make the most of the time, every minute you’re livin’.

So speak out.  Protect life.  Stand up for the innocent.  But also stop to look inside yourself.  Do you realize that your life means so much, too?  God has placed such a precious value on your own life.  Are you making the most of the time that He has given you?  You have the potential to change the world for God.  And when we count our days and realize that we have so few on this earth, we begin to understand: we need to make every day count.  Father, lead us in your better way, and don’t let our souls forget: life means so much.


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