A Love That Feels

Why is it so easy for Christians to be suspicious of emotions?  Let me explain: last Saturday I attended a meeting of Prayer House, a group of young people who meet for three hours every week in Grand Rapids to worship and pray.  As I listened to them singing and praying, I noticed the emotions begin to run high.  The prayers were powerful and the music moving, people lifted up their hands and even wept.  It really was beautiful, but my gut response was doubt.  “Are these people just putting on a show?” a voice in the back of my mind asked.  “Are they sincere?  Or are they just looking for an emotional high?”  As I examined myself, I could see that the seat of my suspicion was in the cynical, legalistic part of me, the part that insists that following God is a dry business of just doing the right things in the right order and staying away from sin.  But as I listened to two young women sharing their thoughts about God’s love, I was reminded that God gave us our emotions, and just like everything else he built into our beings they are there for one purpose: to love and praise him.  God has been pursuing us from the beginning of time.  He loves us with a fierce, jealous, passionate, emotional love.  He sings and he weeps over us.  So maybe there’s nothing wrong with the man standing in the corner, his hands raised and eyes teary with gratitude  to the God who gave His Son to save him.  Maybe the problem lies with my broken perspective on what loving God looks like.  Sure, emotions come and go, and we can’t depend on a warm feeling to keep us close to God.  But how could our hearts not be moved when we think of how deeply God treasures us?  How could we not think about him like a lover obsesses over their beloved, trying to find every possible way to bring a smile to his face – the way he thinks of us?  How could we refuse to give him our love in return, a love that weeps when we hurt him and rejoices to see him honored?  A love that touches the deepest emotions of our hearts and harnesses them for his praise and glory.  God asks us to love him not only with our minds and our strength, but with all of our heart and soul.  He has created us for this great romance, and he has done all within his power to win our hearts.  Have you surrendered to the overpowering wonder of his love – a love that can both unleash the deepest emotions of our souls and carry us through the times when they run dry because we know that he still loves us the same?  Have you opened your heart to a love that feels?


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  1. This is really powerful, Tim. I really enjoy your blunt honesty when you write. I hope and pray that you (and I both) find a way to make our relationships with God more personal and emotional.

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