Have you ever noticed how insatiable desire is?  No matter what you want, be it food or sleep or pleasure or love, that hunger never goes away.  Even when you fill it, it comes back later even stronger.  You eat, and hours later you’re hungry again.  You sleep and the next night you need more.  And what about emotional desires?  We look for success from our work and happiness from our play.  We are afraid of being bored, but we can only stay satisfied for so long before we need to move on to something more exciting.  We turn desperately to the next movie, the next game, the next project, the next relationship, the next thing to fill us up.  But it never sticks.  How can we be fulfilled when everything ends, everything runs out, everything gets old?  Turn to the only One who doesn’t.  He is eternal, He has been before time existed and He will be after it’s gone.  He is never empty, He has grace and mercy and power and love and purpose enough for infinite people, and tenderness enough to care about each and every one of us individually.  And God is never boring.  He has endless mysteries that we cannot begin to fathom, and He makes them known to us as we study His Word.  Every time we come back the beauty of His love and the awesomeness of His power and the wonder of His holiness is just as amazing as before.  Why, when we have such an incredible God, do we turn to worthless, even filthy things to fill us?  We will go to any extreme to be complete, but in the end the only way is far easier than we could have ever imagined.  Go to God.  Confess that you can’t fill yourself on your own.  Leave your insufficiency at His feet and ask Him to fill you up.  Leave the things that separate you from Him behind.  Walk with Him.  Stay with Him.  Abide in Him.  Trust Him, that He loves you and wants what’s best for you.  Let go of the things that can’t satisfy and embrace the life He has planned for you.  Let Him clean you out and fill you until you overflow.  Then share that overflowing joy with others.  Let them know that they, too, can be full.


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