Ken Rudolph’s Final Summer ’09 Message (Parts 3 and 4)

Here is the latter half of Ken Rudolph’s last message from this summer:

3. Choose the Greatest Payoff!  The eternal riches that Christ offers us are far better than any physical wealth that we could gain.  Not only that, but Christ promises us a truly wonderful life here on the earth, a life of purpose and meaning.  It is not only worthwhile to follow Jesus, but it pays in ways that the world can never hope to match!

4. Choose the Greatest Person to Please!  Moses was not afraid of Pharaoh, because he was always seeking to please God.  Don’t live your life to please the people that you meet, aim to make God happy!  Whose opinion matters the most to you?  People will just let you down, and you can never keep them all happy no matter how hard you try!  When we have God on our side, we have peace and joy, strength to face every situation and all of the opposition in the world!  

We can live a life of strength instead of a life of defense by finding that strength, our very identity, in God!  Choose to follow Him by faith and experience the incredible life that He has in store for you!


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