Ken Rudolph’s Last ’09 Message (Part 2)

Here is the second (and for me the most powerful) point in Ken Rudolph’s message on living a life of strength:

2. Choose the Greatest Pleasure!

Sin offers us so many different pleasures, all instant and easy, but those pleasures leave us  empty and disappointed.  We run to what is wrong in our search for fulfillment, but we are never satisfied!  What we don’t realize is that true pleasure and fulfillment is closer than ever in our moments of temptation: if we would say “no” and do what is right, that is the greatest pleasure in the world!  To know that you have obeyed God, to know that you are right with Him fills your heart!  Next time you are tempted to do what is wrong, remember this:  sin is fleeting pleasure with lasting guilt attached, but righteousness is the greatest feeling of all time!  Quit trying to fight off sin on your own power, like the boy with the 2×4 (see the intro to the message), grab the ring in the bull’s nose and twist by accepting God’s true offer of joy!


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