Ken Rudolph’s LAST ’09 MESSAGE! (Part 1)

Ken Rudolph is going off to be a missionary in Germany starting next week, so tonight was his last message of the summer!  It was called “How to Live a Life of Strength, Not a Life of Defense”, it was based in Hebrews 11:23-27, and here is a sort of introduction, along with point one.


God wants us to live a victorious life, but a lot of us choose to live a life of defense instead of strength.  Ken gave us this great example: there was a boy who lived on a farm, and one day when he entered the barn, the bull was loose.  A bull is one of the strongest farm animals, and if he corners you, you’re in deep trouble.  The boy’s only hope was to grab a nearby two-by-four and smack that bull in his most sensitive spot: his nose.  But no matter how many times the boy hit the bull, it just kept backing up and preparing to charge again.  Eventually, the boy knew that he would run out of the strength necessary to defend himself, drop the board, and be crushed, so he began to call out for his father.  When his father heard, he rushed in, took one finger, and hooked it into the ring in the bull’s nose.  As the father began to twist the ring, the bull took on a look of pain.  He twisted his neck in a desperate attempt to relieve the pressure on his nose, but the father just kept twisting.  At last, the bull flopped down on the ground in submission, no longer a danger.  The father had saved his son with just one  finger.  The boy was living a life of defense, desperately attempting to survive but knowing that his strength would run out.  The father exemplified strength, exploiting his knowledge of the bull’s weakness and taking it down with just a single finger.  Moses lived a life of strength, making the right choices to take control over his flesh and over the world’s influence.

1. Choose the Greatest Purpose in Life!

Moses left popularity and status behind in order to serve God.  He knew what was the greatest purpose for his life, and he pursued it.  Don’t waste your life on things that don’t matter!  It’s all about serving God.  What purpose are you pursuing?  Sports?  Popularity?  Intelligence?  Music?  Whatever it is, give it over to God and make His purpose your purpose.  You won’t regret it!


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One response to “Ken Rudolph’s LAST ’09 MESSAGE! (Part 1)

  1. Timothy,

    Son, I know that God will guide and direct you in His path for your life. Seek Him with all your heart and mind and strength, for He has promised that if you seek Him, He will let you find Him. Don’t settle for the ruined and rotting trash which is all the the world, the flesh and the devil have to offer, but rather pursue Him who is Life and in Him you will receive His Life Eternal, and with it all things! The opinion of those whose eyes and hearts are on the things of this world doesn’t matter: We walk with the Creator and Sustainer of all that is Real, and only His opinion truly matters for now and for all eternity. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and keep in step with His Spirit and your path, though it will most likely lead you in strange and mysterious ways, will never lead you astray. I love you, Tim, and I’m proud of you.


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