Bar-Reuel and Jared (Part 3)

“Daetzl!” screamed Korina.  Bar-Reuel recognized it as the magical spell of suicide.  All field agents were required to speak it if they were successfully mind-probed.  And now, Korina had said it.

Jared and Bar-Reuel cried out in tandem, Bar-Reuel’s a moan of loss and despair, Jared’s a scream of rage and defeat.  The two together were like the death-cry of a nightmare.

Bar-Reuel hardly noticed when the strong man released him, or when Jared ran from the house.  He was numb to all but the echo of his wife’s cry.  At last, he found the strength to stand, to walk, to do the one thing that might restore his hope or destroy it forever: to find out if she was truly dead.

Bar-Reuel knelt down by the side of his bed and placed his head against his wife’s chest.  Her heart was still.  Suddenly, the reality of her death hit Bar-Reuel full force, cutting into his very soul.  He had cared for her more than his  own life.  Now that hers was over, so was his.  “All that she loved died with her,” he sobbed, staring at the still bodies of his sons.  “All but me.”

Then, as if defying his words, one of the babies stirred.  Bar-Reuel gasped, then picked up the child and felt for its heartbeat.  The pulse was weak but clear, and the joy that filled Bar-Reuel’s heart caused fresh tears to spring in his eyes.  “Then she is not entirely lost,” he murmured to himself.  “She left me you.  Reuel.  That’s what she was going to name you… if only she had had just a few more hours… if only it had been me instead… if only this was all a dream…”

Suddenly, Bar-Reuel’s pain was overcome by an incredible weariness, and he lay slowly down on the ground, his son in his arms.  “There is something special about you, Reuel,” he thought.  “I must protect you.”  Then he fell asleep, too tired to realize that this last thought was not truly his own, or to feel the weight that lifted from his mind.



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7 responses to “Bar-Reuel and Jared (Part 3)

  1. Sir Emeth Mimetes

    Reuel Dreamseer,

    Again, very well done. You seem to be able to do death scenes especially well…

    I kind of guessed in the back of my head that something like that would happen, but I tried not to figure it out. I prefer surprises. The word is very well designed by the way.

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes

  2. Thanks! You’ve been a great encouragement, Jay! I’ll probably take a little break from writing to work out my language and history, but I’ll post some more of the story soon. That passage is sort of a background story, I should post my tentative introduction… anyway, thanks again! Hope to see some new stuff on your blog sometime soon!
    Tim Newton aka Reuel Dreamseer

  3. Andrew

    Great Timmy! I love it! That was a really cool way to work things out. I just have one question, who was behind it all? Was it Jared’s doing or Did Markus want him to think it was? Either way it was good. Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Andrew! Your encouragement has been a huge help! As for your question, yes, but also no. Jared told one of the dreams with him to give Bar-Reuel false memories, but the “dream” was actually Markus’ nightmare in disguise. Hence, the nightmarish quality of the memories. The nightmare is trying to sow discord between the three brothers…

  4. Tim,

    Your three story posts have been very good. They grab your imagination and pull you into the action and into the thoughts and feelings of the characters. Take your time and continue to craft the tale. Your attention to detail shows.


  5. Kay Morris

    Great job, again! I still am struggling to put it all together, but I don’t have the full story yet, so that’s probably why. It is really great, though!
    ~Kay Morris♫

    • Yeah, this is one of those excerpts where I didn’t tell you everything about the background of the characters and such, but don’t worry. When I’ve finished the book, it will make sense.

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