My Week at Camp…

I’m back from my very last week as a camper at Lake Ann.  God really encouraged me through this week that I am ready for the next stage of my life. God has brought me a long way from who I was four years ago, and now, if I will trust Him with my future, I will see His incredible plan for my life!  Please pray for me as I make decisions about college, work, money, etc… and about how God is going to use my writing and preaching for His glory.  I’ll post part 3 shortly, but not until I get a few comments!  See you soon, thanks for all of your support!  God is good!


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One response to “My Week at Camp…

  1. Sir Emeth Mimetes


    Welcome back! I am looking forward to reading your third part, as are my siblings. I am glad that you were blessed by your time spent seeking God. I also spent a similar time, albeit at home.

    With joy and peace in Christ,
    Sir Emeth Mimetes aka Jay Lauser

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