Living Dangerously (Part 1)

This Thursday, God really spoke to me through Ken Rudolph’s message on Esther 4.  There were 4 points, and they were all great, so I’ll post them here one at a time.

4 Warnings to Assure That We Live a Truly Dangerous Life for God

1. Don’t Live With Artificial Danger!

So often, we miss the real battle and settle for fake danger in our lives!  We seek after thrills by skateboarding or skydiving or riding rollercoasters or being popular or whatever we can do to feel “on the edge”, but it means nothing!  Esther’s first response to Mordecai’s plea was one of a falsely dangerous life.  She had won the beauty contest, she was the queen, she had it all.  But now that real danger, danger that could change the world and bring glory to God, presented itself, she was afraid.  Do you settle for artificial danger in your life?  Or are you willing to open up your heart to God and allow Him to show you the REAL battle that is going on right now, all over the world?


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