What I’ve Been Learning…

Last night (Tuesday), Ken Rudolph preached a great message on the life of Joseph.  Two of the things that he said really grabbed my attention.

1. Even when nothing seems right, nothing is wrong!

For Joseph, a lot of things seemed to go wrong, and at the worst possible time!  But he never gave up hope or complained against God, he kept on trusting that God knew exactly what was going on.  And he was right!  God was teaching him diligence, leadership, and organization skills through slavery and prison that he needed to become the second in command of all of Egypt and save the known world!  If he had complained or given up, he never would have seen the incredible things that God was planning to do in his life.

2. The only person who can ruin your life is you!

No matter who attacked Joseph, or what horrible things they tried to do to him, God always turned things around and used those tough circumstances to accomplish His goal for Joseph!  The only one who could have ruined everything for Joseph was himself.  The same holds true for us: God will carry out His plan for our lives, and if we will choose to follow Him and trust Him, nothing can stop Him!  He has the most incredible plan imaginable for you, and it’s your choice whether or not you will accept it.  What will you choose?


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